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Issue and Printed

The pictures below are issued and printed part of Law and Advocacy division for the purpose of educating the public advocacy in the Department of particular target groups in connection with the law under the legal department and closely related to the jurisdiction of the Department.

  1. Child Care Centre Act (Amendment) 2007
  2. Restriction on Reporting and Media Broadcast Against Children
  3. Procedure on Media Coverage of Children
  4. Persons with Disabilities Act 2008
  5. My Rights and Responsibilities as Malaysian Child
  6. What You Need To Know About Child Care Centres
  7. Children Act 2001
  8. The Convention on the Rights of the Child Tamil Version
  9. Community TASKA 
  10. TASKA Operating Procedures in the Workplace
  11. Quick Guide Children Act 2001
  12. Handling Basic Child Care Training 
  13. Child Rights Notebook
  14. Child Sexual Abuse English Version
  15. Child Sex Abuse Bahasa Malaysia Version 
  16. Basic Child Care Training Module
  17. The Convention on the Rights of The Child  Bahasa Malaysia Version
  18. What You Should Know About the Care Centre
  19. The Convention On The Rights Of The Child

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