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Acronyms and Abbreviatons of Law Implementation


  1. AKK
    − Children Act 2001
  2. AKRT
    − Domestic Violence Act 1994
  3. AOP
    − Destitute Persons Act 1977
  4. AOKU
    − Person with Disabilities 2008
  5. APJ
    − Care Centres Act 1993
    − Child Care Centres Act of 1984


  1. Protector
    − Any Social Welfare Officer appointed under section 8 AKK
  2. Probation officer
    − Probation officers who appointed under section 10 AKK
  3. Authorized Child Care Center officers
    − An officer appointed under section 13 of the Child Care Centre Act 1984
  4. Authorized Care Center officers
    − A social welfare officer or an officer appointed under section 12 APJ
  5. Enforcement Officer
    − A Police Officer or Welfare Officer of the Department of Social Welfare [AKRT]
  6. Enforcer
    − A person who manages or controls a welfare home (AOP)
  7. Social Welfare Officer
    − Any social welfare officer in the ministry or department responsible for welfare services and includes any Welfare Assistant Officer
  8. Registrar
    − Registrar of Children in need of protection appointed under subsection 9 (2) and includes the Registrar General AKK
    − Disabled Registrar appointed under paragraph 20 (1) (c) AOKU
  9. General Registrar
    − General Registrar of Children in need of protection appointed under subsection 9 (1) AKK
  10. Principal
    −Safe Place Principal


  1. Safe Place
    − Any place of refuge established or designated under section 54 of the AKK
    − Any home or institution maintained or managed by the Social Welfare Department or any other agency or voluntary organization approved by the Minister.
  2. Shelter
    − Any place of refuge established or designated under section 55 of the AKK
  3. Detention Place
    − Any place of detention established or designated under section 58 of the AKK
    Includes accommodation in a police station or lock-up room, separate or apart from adult offenders
  4. Probation Hostel
    − A hostel established or designated under section 61 the AKK as a residence for children who are required to reside there under the Criminal Procedure Code in the Court for Children.
  5. Approved school
    − A school established or specified under section 65 and includes a center AKK
  6. Henry Gurney School
    − A school established or designated under section 73 of the AKK is under the direction and control
    − Director General of Prisons and approved by the Minister for education, training and detention of persons sent there in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Division in the Court for Children.


  1. Children Welfare Committee
    − The committee appointed by the Minister to supervise
    − The welfare of those who within the scope
    − The Criminal Procedure in Court For Children
    − And to help a probation officer of any province or territory
  2. Child Protection Team
    − A team established by the Council under section 7 AKK
  3. Council 
    − Coordinating Council for the protection of children established under section 3 of the AKK
    − National Council for Persons with Disabilities established under section 3 AOKU
  4. Board
    − Board of Visitors appointed by the Minister under section 82 of the AKK


  1. Children 
    − A person under the age of eighteen years
  2. Disabled Person
    − Those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society
  3. Husband or Wife 
    − De facto married wife or husband (AKRT)
  4. Destitute Person
    − A person found begging in a public place in such a way as to cause or likely to cause annoyance to the common people or even visit the place to pose a nuisance or
    − Any idle person found in a public place, whether or not he is begging, who have no means of livelihood in the face of residence or who are unable to express himself satisfactorily case
  5. Occupant
    − A person who has been accepted for care as an occupier in the residential care center
  6. Operator
    − The person on whose application it was registered as a registered care
  7. Registered persons 
    − A person who is registered in relation to a child care center under section 7 of the Child Care Centre Act 1984
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