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Children's Day Calendar


Based on existing records, the first World Children’s Day Celebration was organized by International Union for Child Welfare in 1953 and recognized by UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) in 1954 and only on 20th November 1959 that the United Nations made a declaration on World Children’s Day and request all countries to celebrate it on an annual basis.

In Malaysia, World Children’s Day was first celebrated on 8 October, 1959 at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, immediately after the United Nations had declared the day is a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between the world’s children.

Malaysian Children’s Welfare Council (MKKM) has been entrusted to organize the celebration since 1960 until 1994. However, since 1995 the organizing jobs have been entrusted to the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia.

Objective of the Celebration

The celebration of World’s Children Day is an event to honor and recognize the children by the government and society and the celebration may raise the awareness of the society as a whole on the role and responsibility to safeguard the rights and future of the children in Malaysia.

The World’s Children Day is celebrated each year on any Saturday of October.

Theme Song of World’s Children Day

In this world
You gave us
Meaning and security
Regardless of race or look
All as one
On this pedestal
You have strengthened
Unity, tranquility
We are smiling, we are happy
Sadness and suffering chased away
Bless us with loving care
Gives us virtuous learning
There is love
Between human across the world
Give us ray of hope
Guide all of us
The world will be peaceful
With love
The Most Powerful
Bless us
With peace and confidence
Unfazed in our struggle
With determination

Commemorative Album Celebration of World Children Day National Level 2004

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