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Child Welfare Committee (JKK)

JKK Background

JKK first introduced in 1949 through the Juvenile Courts Act 1947 - Section 43 (2) (a) (vi). CAC members appointed from the local community with a variety of backgrounds, professions, academics, religious leaders, youth and others.

JKK candidates recommended by the District Social Welfare Office (PKMD) and approved by the Director of Social Welfare (PKMN) for at least 3 years.

Roles and Responsibilities of JKK:

  1. To encourage community participation in crime prevention and juvenile depravations and along with young people welfare,
  2. To help probation officers get the guardians or foster parents for the supervision of juvenile,
  3. To assist probation officers get the training and jobs for the under supervision of juvenile,
  4. To assist probation officers carrying out the juvenile supervise duties on probation and their duties in relation to the supervision of juveniles released from the extension Probation Hostels, Approved School and Henry Gurney and ensure that tasks perfectly executed,
  5. To always visit juveniles in detention in places of detention in the province or territory where the JKK is to ensure that the juvenile is given the care and protection in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Detention in 1950.

Until 2012, there were 119 JKK which was gazetted in the country, comprising a total of 1,433 members. Accordingly, this section annually distribute an annual grant to all the Committee to conduct its activities at the grassroots level. Further enhance the function and role.

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