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Background, Aims & Objectives


Counseling Division was established on 1 April 1998 following the reorganization of the department by letter JPA Department of Public Service (s) 253/2/17-6 TLC. 5 (874) dated March 26, 1998 and Warrants 1998 Vacancy number 50 dated March 23, 1998. This section was originally named Counsel Division.

This division created as a result the formulation and enforcement of the Counsellors Act 1998 (Act 580). In the early stages of the first two years of implementation of the act, the division headed by a director who also acts as Registrar Counselors and became the first Secretary of the Board of Counsellors.

As a result of reorganization of the structure and function on August 1, 2005 Post Warrant number one in 2005, the division known as the Counseling and Psychology.


Optimize the level of psychological well-being of the target group and service department staff through coaching, counseling and psychology programs.


    • Restore behavioral, cognitive and emotional client / personnel department.
    • Nurture, develop and strengthen capacities client / personnel department.
    • Restore the functionality of the client family / staff.
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