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Welfare and Social Development Council (MKPM) for Parliament (Mayang)


Society often exposed to various social problems in daily life that involves all levels of society. Social problems such as abuse, runaways, drug addiction, incest, domestic violence, the commission of deviant adolescents, prostitution, divorce and so on. Every social problem that happens to be a negative impact and affect the high social cost burden, therefore, it is desirable that the social problems and issues related to it can be dealt with more effectively at the grassroots level.

The establishment of MKPM @ MAYANG

Ministry of Women, Family and Community recognize that fact and have taken the initiative to set up a Council of Welfare and Social Development (MKPM) constituency in the country. The establishment MAYANG agreed by the Cabinet in its meeting on July 13, 2005 and has been established in all 219 parliamentary constituencies across the country. The launch of Mayang was officiated by YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia on October 29, 2005 in Linwood Park Home Child , Kepala Batas.


MAYANG established as the Government's efforts to mobilize all parties at the grassroots community in particular (reaching out to the community) in order to address issues relating to Welfare and Social Development. Mayang The establishment will enhance networking around responsible sectors for managing community work, including government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the corporate sector and individuals in accordance with the concept of "Social Responsibility". Through the MAYANG all programs and activities at the grassroots level can be moved an integrated manner to address issues relating to Welfare and Social Development in the earlier stages.


  • • Provide advice to the Department of Social Welfare and District Office of Social Welfare on matters relating to the welfare and development of society
  • • Assist in identifying issues and problems in the welfare and development of society and the constituency level and proposed solution action
  • • Giving advice on charitable programs and community development as well as prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation must be given priority
  • • Act as consultants in the field of welfare and community development at constituency level
  • • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of programs and activities in accordance with established plan in Parliament
  • • Help mobilize non-governmental organizations (NGOs), voluntary welfare organizations and the private sector to cooperate with the Department of Social Welfare and District Social Welfare Office for programs and activities that had been identified.
  • • Exchanging and sharing information and ideas between members of the MAYANG with other constituencies concerned


MAYANG membership was about 15 to 20 people consisting of community leaders and local administration. Each MAYANG is chaired by a Member of Parliament or the appropriate community leaders from the constituency. Every appointment of the Chairman and other membership is for a period of one year which is managed as follows:

  • • Chairmans appointed by the Minister of Women, Family and Community from among the Members of Parliament in their constituency or the appropriate community leaders in the constituency concerned.
  • • Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman is appointed by the Chairman of the local community leaders such as the right political leaders, NGOs and others.
  • • Secretary of the District Social Welfare Officer or Assistant Social Welfare Officer appointed by the Chairman as Secretary MAYANG according to their respective constituency areas.
  • • Members
    MAYANG members appointed by the Chairman of each according to the following criteria:
    • • Local community leaders such as politicians, NGOs and others from among the various racial and genders
    • • Representatives of government agencies related to social development
    • • Chairman of the Council of Women and Families in respect of the constituency concerned is compulsory
    • • Representatives of corporate / private sector
    • • Individuals who can contribute to the welfare and development of society
  • • MAYANG adviser appointed by the Minister of Women, Family and Community from leaders that are appropriate in a particular constituency as needed.

Activities / Programs

MAYANG should conduct programs and activities related to the welfare and community development needs of the local community as appropriate. Several programs and related activities are proposed as follows:

  • • Read and understand the the issues and problems of welfare and community development in the Parliament area by providing a "social mapping" profile. Programs and activities, taking into account the suitability of the area.
  • • Social intervention programs such as early intervention services and comprehensive referral system, according to the local guide at the appropriate locations of the neighborhoods or villages.
  • • Programs relating to the welfare and development of the community such as:
    • • Mutual assistance
    • • The Social Welfare Department of Malaysia visit to the home of the applicant, such as senior citizen, the disabled, chronic patients, the poor, single mothers and others.
    • • Caring Services Unit under the administration of the Social Welfare Department of Malaysia.
    • • Organized a Children's Day celebration, Senior Citizen Day, Day of Persons with Disabilities and others community-level celebration.
  • • Programs and activities focused on the prevention and development as :
    • • Motivation and awareness program
    • • Parenting Skills Workshop
    • • Self Improvement Camp
    • • ”Sahabat Ku&rdquo Program among teenagers; di kalangan remaja
    • • Volunteerism Programme
    • • Neighborhood patrols in neighborhoods and communities
    • • Skill enhancement programs to family members in order to increase family income.

MAYANG flash

MAYANG establishment is a step to strengthen networking in various sectors and disciplines at the grassroots level to address issues related to the welfare and development of society more effectively integrated. This is an important to ensure the achievement the vision of a developed country, which supports community development principles of balance between economic development and social development.

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