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About Us


Children's services providing protection to children from all hazards including the type of abuse, torture, abuse, discrimination and exploitation. In addition special emphasis given to the healthy development of children's physical, social, emotional and mental. They are also equipped with the appropriate values ​​and attitudes so that they have direction and purpose as the generation and future leaders.
Programs and activities are aimed at preventing and reducing the impact of social problems on the child and determine the protection, care and education for children.


To ensure preservation services, protection, rehabilitation and development of the child is provided with an efficient and effective manner.

Definition of Childhood

  •   Children under the age of 18 who need care, preservation, protection and conservation in accordance with the definition of Children Act 2001.

International Commitment 

  1. The Convention On The Rights Of The Child (CRC) 1994 - signed on December 28, 1994.
  2. Bali Consensus On Partnership With And For Children In The East Asia And Pacific Region (2005).

Related Acts Child 

  1. Children Act 2001
  2. Criminal Procedure Code (Section 173A, 293 & 294)
  3. Registration of Adoption Act 1952
  4. Adoption Act 1952
  5. Domestic Violence Act 1994
  6. TASKA Act (Amendment) Act 2007
  7. Care Centres Act (Amendment) Act 2007
  8. The Anti-Trafficking in Persons 2007

Related Regulations Child 

  1. Children Act 2001 - Regulations Children (Shelter) 2007
  2. Juvenile Courts Act 1947 - Probation Hostels Regulations 1982
  3. Women and Girls Protection Act 1973 - The rules of the Protection of Women and Girls (Sanctuary) 1982
  4. Child Protection Act 1991 - Regulations for Child Protection Team (Procedure & Practice) 1995
  5. Rules of the Juvenile Welfare Committee (Protection and Duty of 1976)
  6. Act, Child Care Centre 1984 - Park Regulations Child Care Community 2007
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