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Services By Community Division

Community Organization Programme

  • • Community Organization Programme is a kind of social work found to be applicable to improving the quality of life of the target department. These program focus on strengthening local communities so that be able to move and act collectively to conduct socio-economic problems experienced.
  • • Community Organizations Implementation is not just limited to the target group initiatives but requires initiative District / Territory / Division Social Welfare Officer.

The purpose of Community Organizations Implementation

  1. To encourage and mobilize the community participation of the target groups and the general public in the local development.
  2. Improve the quality of targeted community life through effective and proactive participation in social and economic activities that have been identified.
  3. Maximize the use of local resources to create target-independent in the community .

Community Organization Program Objectives

  1. Eradicate poverty and isolation in the community
  2. Increase local community self determination
  3. encourage democratic
  4. Solving social problems through "self-help"
  5. Creating a caring society
  6. Overcoming dissatisfaction and act appropriately

Types of Community Organization Program

  1. Economic projects     
  2. Social education program     
  3. Skills training program     
  4. Community service program     
  5. Spiritual education program

Target Group

  1. Client Department
  2. Former Institution Department occupants or trainer

Until October 2012, a total of 48 Community Organizations Projects involving 285 participants from the local community including clients of the Social Welfare Department worked throughout the country. Distribution of community organization projects by state is as follows:

Number of Project 
Number of participant  


1 6
Kedah 2 7
Perak 3 15
Selangor 1 5
Kuala Lumpur 10 46
Negeri Sembilan 8 36
Johor 4 36
Melaka 4 20
Pahang 1 7
Terengganu 3 14
Kelantan 11 93
TOTAL 48 285
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