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Child Protection Team (PPKK) and Children Activity Center (PAKK)

Child Protection Team (PPKK)

PPKK established in the state and district to serve as a support system of child protection services. Among the activities conducted by PPKK is the Children's Activity Center (PAKK) where have been planned and implemented according to the needs of the local community.

Examples of programs and activities were held are care centers, tuition classes, counseling, computer classes and courses childcare and child development.

This effort is done to help prevent abuse cases and neglect of children, truancy, depravity and other social problems. In 2007, there were 131 PPKK and 135 PAKK throughout the country.

PAKK program provides benefits and advantages for children who live in the surrounding community centers.

Children Activity Center (PAKK)

PAKK establishment is a comprehensive effort and more systematic and effective in preventing the abuse and neglect of children. PAKK program /support services organized by the Child Protection Team.

PAKK established in accordance with local needs. Child Protection Team to identify significant issues in the area and determine the age of the child in need of services. This will assist in the preparation and duration of PAKK program should be run.

PAKK open all day long, or for a certain period of time. The use of the premises can be rented or obtained free in collaboration with the Local Council, Local Residents' Committee or assistance / support from individuals.

PAKK establishment objectives is to organize programs and support services-oriented prevention and protection, especially for children who are abused by their families. PAKK membership consists of small committee appointed by the Child Protection Team

Sub-Committee consists of not less than seven members and not more than fifteen people.

PAKK role and activities undertaken by the Child Protection Team

  1. Shelter: Providing a range of activities appropriate to the age of the child.
  2. Advocacy Center: Organize lectures / short course to the community, parents and children.
  3. Resource center: Provides reading / reference to children.
  4. Learning Center: Classroom coaching / computer / religious classes / painting class / class drama / speech / poem recital.
  5. Crisis Intervention Center: Provides counseling sessions.
  6. Social Center / Sports / Recreation: Sports / recreation / cultural programs / arts etc. 
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