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JKM's Assistance and Disaster Management

Definition of Disaster

An occurance of a sudden, are complex and lead to loss of life, damage to property or the environment and affect the activities of the local community. This requires the handling of the incident and involving the resources, equipment, frequency and extensive manpower from many agencies and effective coordination, in which the possibility of requiring complex actions and the long run.

Disaster Management Levels

Level 1 Disaster

Local incident that manageable and not potential to spread. It is not very complex and may result in loss of life and property is small. This disaster did not affect the daily activities of the local population at large. Authorities at District Level has the ability to control and overcome this incident through agencies in the District Level with or without outside help is limited.

Level 2 Disaster

The more serious incident covers a large area or more than two (2) District and has the potential to spread. Likely to lead to loss of life and a lot property damage. This incident also destroy infrastructure and affect daily activities of life. Is more complex and complicate than Level 1 Disaster in term of search and rescue efforts. Need and be able to be operated by the Authority at State level without or with limited outside help

Level 3 Disaster

Disaster incident resulting from Level 2, is more complex or cover a larger area or more than two (2) states. Need and be able to be operated by the Authority at the Federal level without or with assistance from abroad

JKM Roles and Responsibilities in Disaster Management

As a member of the Management Committee and the National Disaster Relief, Department of Social Welfare is responsible for the delivering assistance and rehabilitation of the victims of the disaster. As contained in Directive National Security Council (MKN) No. 20, Department of Social Welfare has four (4) roles and responsibilities, namely:

  1. Prepare and maintain relief centres.
  2. Prepare and distribute food, clothing and other needs.
  3. Conducting registration on the victim for the purpose of rehabilitation of disaster victims.
  4. Provide guidance, advice and counseling to victims.

Disaster's Victim registration

  1. Victim moved to relief centres, registration managed by JKM .
  2. Victims that do not relocate, registration is managed by JKKK.

* Lists of JKM officer to be contacted when a disaster occurs can be viewed in the directory on this website.

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