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Community Service Order

At a Glance

Division of Community Service Order (CSO) is a new division, established in that February 1, 2007 follow-up of the Special Committee of Parliament Options (Select Committee) was established by Parliament to review and the Committee was chaired by YB Dato 'Seri Mohd Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad, Minister of Home Affairs.

On July 18, 2006 the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2006 [Act A1274] and the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2006 [Act A1273] was passed in Parliament. Hence the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development has been tasked to formulate and carry out the program of Community Service Order under section 293 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2006 [Act A1274].

Target Group

Young offenders aged 18 years and above and below the age of 21 years may be ordered to do community service order by the court.

The purpose of Community Service Order

  1. Community Service Order is one of the alternative order that can be applied to young offenders aged 18 to 21 years.
  2. Community Service Order aims to prevent young offenders from repeating criminal offences in the future to bring them into society. Elements involved in the Community Service Order are as follows:
    • • Punishment - the termination of free time offenders and provide an obligation on them to run. The penalty provided is not according to convenience and needs of offenders.
    • • Rehabilitation - to stimulate social responsibility and a community service program as a beneficial experience for young offenders
    • • Reparation - by creating a space for young offenders to undergo rehabilitation and offering tangible benefits to the community.

Young offender may place Leading Community Service Order Program

The trainees in order for Community Services will undergo the order in institutions under the auspices of the Department of Social Welfare.
47 institutions have been identified.

Activities To Do When Leading a Community Service Order

Activities that have been identified for trainees in the program are as conservation areas and landscaping, conservation of buildings, small repairs, housekeeping, catering, care and management of residents as well as other activities deemed appropriate. Instead of the mentioned programs, trainees will also participate in rehabilitation programs to enchance development of human capital.

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