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Financial Welfare Assistance Services


JKM is concerned about the welfare of the department's target groups such as the poor families, senior citizens, persons with disability(s), single mothers and children whom are not affordable. Therefore, the Department has provided some assistance schemes appropriate to help alleviate the financial burden incurred by them on a temporary basis until such time they can be independent again.


Financial assistance provided by the Social Welfare Department has three key purposes, namely:

  • • Maintenance of income to meet the needs of life.
  • • Improving living standards
  • • As a stimulant allowances to encourage target groups such as the disabled, single mothers and the client department to continue working and eventually be able to live independently

General Eligibility To Apply for Welfare Assistance

All applicants should meet the basic eligibility requirements as follows:

  1. Citizen and resident of Malaysia
  2. Household Income under the poverty line income (PLI) of RM720 in the peninsular, RM830 in Sarawak and RM960 in Sabah
  3. Those in need.

(Other factors to be considered during an investigation conducted on each application are the number of dependents in the family, home situation, age, guardian or head of the family, the level of disability and illness of the applicant and other aspects of the family).


Welfare support services is our common responsibility between the Federal and State Governments on the List III, Article 95B (1) (b) the Federal Constitution.

Application Guide

Applications can be made by directly present at Social Welfare Office in district / provinces / division nearby. If the applicant is having difficulty to attend to the office, the application may be made by letter, telephone or email to the Social Welfare Office in the area / territory / the neighborhood. List of Social Welfare Office District / Division can be contacted at the provided directory on the web portal.

For administration purpose, the applicant may bring supporting documents to the Social Welfare District Office / Division such as copy of identity card, copy of identity card of husband / wife / mother / father / son who lives together, a copy of birth certificate of children / family members, copies of salary slips (if any), passport size photograph and other relevant documents.

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