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Provided Services

Counseling Intervention

Counseling is a process of helping a professional relationship based on psychological principles implemented by counselors according to the code of ethics counselors to help clients explore, analyze, understand diridan able to make their own decisions. The type of counseling interventions as follows:
  •   Individual Counseling - Face-to-face helping relationship process between a counselor with a client.
  •   Group Counseling - Face-to-face helping relationship process between one or more of several clients.
  •   Marriage Counseling - Face-to-face helping relationship process between a counselor with a married couple.
  •   Family Counseling - Face-to-face helping relationship process between a counselor and client or client with a family members.
  •   E-Counseling / Tele Counseling - A form of communication which is not face to face help of a counselor and the client.

Psychological Assessment Tests

Is a method for viewing and identifying psychological characteristics such as personality traits, competence, self-concept, level of stress, depression, and other communications.

Advocacy dan Outreach

Programs to the community which is at risk.

Educational Intervention

An approach that focuses on the critical situation by giving immediate attention to events such as domestic violence, divorce, fights, conflicts, natural disasters (floods, tsunamis, landslides, etc.) and others.

Psychoeducational Program

Is a program that emphasizes the growth, development and prevention. Among the programs implemented are coping ability (coping suggest ability), anger management, stress management, time management, decision-making analysis, anxiety management, financial management, parenting skills, Peer Mentor (PRS), Mentor Partners Society (Perama) and others.

Consultancy Services

Provide psychological consultation services to the target group and staff.

Interactive Workshop

s a provision in the Children Act 2001, which requires the presence of the mother / father / guardian and their child undergo the prescribed intervention program. Intervention is aimed at improving family functioning. Through these interventions, families will learn methods of identifying problems, solving problems and using education and knowledge to manage their family system.

Self Empowerment Program Staff

Is a program of public sector human resource management that established by the Public Services Bill. 18 in 2005. Among the programs to be implemented include psychological assessment test, stress management, emotional management (EQ), Peer Mentor, Retreat Counselling and other groups.

Quality Improvement Services

• Create kesepakaran collaboration with universities in the field of counseling services.
• Conducting research related to counseling services.
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