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Home Help Services Program (Home Help Services)


Home Help Services Program was first introduced in Malaysia in 1994, where volunteers from Voluntary Welfare Organization providing services to the homeless and the senior citizen living alone or with family but need support / help. A trained voluntary workers will make home visits to senior citizen to help conduct the daily business such as personal care, hygiene, shelter, friends chat, external business such as paying bills and health care.

Implementation of this program is an extension of ROK-ASEAN (Republic of Korea-ASEAN) Summit Conference (10+1) held in Manila in November 1999. Where, President of the Republic of Korea announced to conduct projects for the senior citizens as one of the five (5) priority. Following this annoucement, HelpAge Korea as the implementing agency in partnership with HelpAge International has organized the ROK-ASEAN Regional Cooperation Project based on experience of success in developing and expanding the volunteer program based home care for senior citizen conducted in Korea. With the experience from HelpAge Korea and support from Korean Government through ROK-ASEAN Co-operation Fund, a regional home-care program was initiated in April 2003. Ministry of health and social welfare at ASEAN countries together with selected NGOs involved in the implementation of this project with the support of the ASEAN-ROK Special Cooperation Fund.

In Malaysia, USIAMAS is a accredited NGO senior citizens to be involved in the implementation of help services at home and get sponsored HelpAge Korea.

This program is a smart partnership between the JKM with PSK by serve the seniors who need assistance by reaching out. In 2011, a total of 915 senior citizen have got this service involves a total of 207 volunteers Welfare Central Council of Peninsular Malaysia (MPKSM) and USIAMAS Welfare Association Malaysia (USIAMAS).

Recognizing this need, the Social Welfare Department took the initiative to expand the implementation of Help At Home Service (Home Help Sevices) not only cooperation with the PSK, but also in collaboration with Volunteer Charity registered with the department.

Help At Home Service Program will be implemented at 222 parliamentary constituencies involving 124 District Social Welfare Office (PKMD).

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