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Community Rehabilitation Program (PDK)


Community Rehabilitation Program or "Program Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti" (PDK) has been pioneered by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Social Welfare Department has been directly involved in the preparation of the next manual and given the opportunity to evaluate and modify the implementation of this program.

In 1984, the Social Welfare Department has taken the initiative in collaboration with the Malaysian Ministry of Health to carry out PDK Pilot Project in Mukim Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu,involved 55 persons with disabilities (OKUs).

The PDK program is growing rapidly and getting overwhelming response from the community from time to time.


  1. Promote self-awareness, self-reliance and sense of responsibility among local community in OKU rehabilitation programs.
  2. Mobilizing local resources for local resources recovery to recovery of disabled.
  3. Encourage the use of a simple and acceptable technique, cheap, effective and appropriate to local circumstances.
  4. Using the infrastructure of existing local organizations to provide services.
  5. Taking a matter country's economic resources and enable it to extend comprehensive services according to the needs of the disabled OKU

The PDK program based on 3 models.

  • • Home Based.
  • • Centre Based.
  • • Centre-Home Based.

PDK Activities

  • • Rough motor skills.
  • • Delicate motor skills.
  • • Social development.
  • • Language development.
  • • Self management.
  • • Pre-write, read, calculate and draw.
  • • Creativity - Games, recreation and others.
  • • Vocational Training.
  • • Music therapy.
  • • Sports and recreation.

PDK Concept 'One Stop Centre'

PDK "One Stop Centre'' as a "Focal Point'' because it is a program that uses an integrated approach to community in every region and state.

Through PDK "One Stop Centre'', services for the disabled will be available at one place to facilitate them and the local community to get information, advice and current needs as well as appropriate training.

Roles of PDK "One Stop Centre" :

  • • OKU Early Intervention Center.
  • • OKU Information Resource Center.
  • • OKU Reference Center.
  • • OKU Registration Center.
  • • OKU Advocacy Center.


PDKNet is the implementation of IT and Multimedia programs to help people with disabilities such as Down's Syndrome children and children with learning disabilities.

Generally this programs serves as a platform to develop and assist in the rehabilitation of the disabled. In addition, PDKnet programs is also expected to enhance the knowledge and skills of people with disabilities to operate a computer software programs.

The program also indirectly provide an opportunity to family and community to take part in communicate and help in the recovery of this group.

To reach PDKNet, it can be accessed through the website www.pdknet.com.my

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