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Community Development Worker Placement Programme at the People's Housing Project (PPR)

Community Development Worker Placement Programme in the People's Housing Project (PPR) @ High-Risk Areas


The program is intended to assist in developing community JKM in PPR or High-Risk Areas. Community Development Workers are located in residential areas or on a network link between the people and the government. The program is a social outreach programs (Outreach Programme) under the JKM that determine services available at the grassroots level from JKM .

This approach allows Community Development Workers help solve social problems and carry out community development programs in the area. This program is a mechanism established at the community level to enable communities at ground level to obtain information related to the services of Voluntary Welfare Welfare and quickly.

Objective Program

  • • Provide area and population profile
  • • Implement an integrated social development through synergies multisektor between government agencies especially local government, private sector, NGOs and community
  • • Planning development and community facilities along based on the needs of the current population
  • • Collaboration between PPK and members of the community to take responsibility for social problems in their community
  • • Early intervention to cases requiring welfare services

Functions of Programme

  • • Help local communities deal with social issues at ground level
  • • As a Community Reference Centre for Welfare and NGO services
  • • Developing local community in terms of social, economic, health, housing and other multisectoral through an synergies approach with other agencies
  • • Plan and implement early intervention programs, education, prevention, intervention and rehabilitation in collaboration with the Residents Committee
  • • As the JKM "eyes and ears" in an effort to combat social problems at ground level

A pilot project involving three (3) locations; :

  • • PPR Sri Pahang, Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur
  • • PPR Sri Pantai, Lembah Pantai, Kuala lumpur
  • • PPR Taman Putra Damai, Lembah Subang, Selangor
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