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Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKMM)

The Department was established in 1946. Within a period of 57 years, DSWM has evolved in fulfilling its role in national development. From its involvement in handling various problems resulting from the Second World War, the Department’s role and functions have expanded to cover prevention and rehabilitation services on social issues as well as community development. As one of the Government agencies that play a vital role in social development, the Department had, in the past, been placed under several ministries as follows:

1946 - 1951
Department of Community Welfare, Malaya

1952 - 1955
Ministry of Industry and Social Relations

1956 - 1957
Kementerian Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Masyarakat

1958 - 1959
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

1960 - 1962
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

Social Welfare Department was upgraded to Ministry of General Welfare. Its scope of service was expanded and the structure of the organization was strengthened.

Ministry of General Welfare assumed the name of Ministry of Social Welfare. The social development services were strengthened with the establishment of social advancement services.

Ministry of Social Welfare was renamed as Ministry of National Unity and Community Development on 27 October. Department of Welfare and Community was one of the departments under the Ministry. Since then, DSWM has become a government department playing an important role in social development for the promotion of a caring society within a progressive nation in line with Vision 2020.

Ministry of National Unity and Social Development was integrated with Ministry of Women and Family Development, assuming a new name of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. DSWM is one of the departments under the Ministry.


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