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The Financial Assistance Scheme for Single Mothers

Determination of financial assistance is based on the findings and judgments made by officers Pelulus.

Among the financial assistance schemes provided by the Department to be considered a single mother assistance are as follows:








Financial Assistance for Children

Min: -
RM100 for each person, monthly.

Max: -

RM450 per month to family of more than four (4) in one family

  • To assist underprivileged, needy children so they could continue living with their family and get affection, care and attention.
  • To nurture and strengthen the family institution so that parents can become independent and continue to provide proper care for their children.
  • For families who are taking care of their children;
  • Children under the age of 18 and below;
  • Children Who are orphan; and
  • Children with parents / guardians who are incapable to care for them or who have lost their source of income due to weakness, disabilities, diseases or imprisonment.

12 months


Financial Assistance for Foster Care Children

Min: -
RM250 for each child, monthly

Max: -
RM500 for each family who cares for two (2)  or more children, monthly

  • To encourage children to living in their community and not be admitted into any welfare institutions;
  • To place children from welfare institutions into foster families so that thay can experience the attention and affection of a healthy family environment, and live in a societal surroundings;
  • To recognize the rights of the child for protection and assistance when living with foster families; and
  • To recognize the role and responsibility of foster families who are entrusted to take care of the children.
  • Children under the age 18 and below;
  • Children who are orphaned;
  • Children who are staying with foster families;
  • Children who are not placed under the Child Adoption Act 1952; and
  • Children who are placed under foster Care Scheme;
  • No Fixed income limit for foster families.

6 months


Public Assistance
(for the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya)

Min: -
RM100 for each person, monthly

Max: -
RM350.00 for each family with more then 4

  • To give assistance to the target groups of the Department who are underprivileged, to temporary lighten their financial burden or until they become self-reliant.
  • Those with income of less than the eligibility criteria for financial assistance;
  • PWD's who are needy;
  • Abandoned persons;
  • Destitute persons;
  • Women and young girls who are under court cases, etc
  • Underprivileged  families

12 months

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