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Scheme of Financial Assistance For The Disabled






Incentive Allowance for Disabled Workers

  • To sustain an income to meet the basic needs for Persons with Disabilities (PWD's)
  • As an incentive to encourage PWD's to be employed, independent and be a productive member of the community
  • To improve the standards of living of PWD's in the community
  • Those who are registered with the Department of Social Welfare;
  • Those who are self-employed or an employee;
  • Those with a monthly income not more than RM1200, excluding family income;
  • 16 years old and above;
  • Those who are not a resident in any institution that providers shelter, food and clothing.

RM300 for each person, monthly.


Financial Assistance for PWD'S who are incapable of work

  • To help sustain an income for PWD'S who are incapable of work.
  • To increase their quality of life especially for Persons with Disabilities who are incapable of work.
  • To avoid or minimize their admission into welfare institutions.
  • Citizen of Malaysia, fesiding in the country;
  • Those with individual source of income not more than the eligible criteria for financial assistance. The source of income refers to individual income including pensions, PERKESO, monthly assistance, insurance, etc;
  • PWD'S who are registered with Department of Social Welfare;
  • Those with disabilities which are not cleary defind will have to be certified by the medical officer;
  • Those of the age between 18 to 59;
  • Those who are not recipients of the financial assistance scheme of the Department of Social Welfare;
  • Those who are not perticipants of the Community Based Rehabilitation programme under the department and of any care or rehabilitation programme by the government or NGOs;
  • Assistance may also be considered to those families receving monthly financial assistance, including those taking care of bed-ridden, disabled and chronically ill and their income is below the eligible criteria for financial assistance.

RM150 for each person, monthly


Financial Assistance for Carers of Bed-Ridden Disabled and Chronically ill

  • To help reduce the financial burden of family members of Persons with Severe Disabilities/ Chronically ill.
  • To encourage better care for PWD's Chronically ill.
  • To improve the quality of life of this targeted group.
  • To avoid or minimize their admission into welfare institutions.
  • To strengthen family relationships.
  • Applicant has to be the family member providing care to the PWD's/chronically ill;
  • Citizens of Malaysia, residing in the country;
  • Those who are currently providing full time care to the PWD's / Chronically ill;
  • Those who have a family income of less than RM3,000 a month;
  • Families who are needy and poor.

RM300 for each person, month


Financial Assistance Artificial Aids /Assistive Devices

  • To help PWD's who cannot afford artificial aids such as artificial legs and arms, calipers, crutches, wheelchairs and other support tools that are recommended by the doctors or specialists.
  • To assist PWD's to improve their capabilities and to be self-reliant.
  • PWD's who are registered with the Department of Social Welfare;
  • Persons who are recommended by doctors and specialists;
  • Those who are needy and cannot afford their own artificial aids/support tools.

The actual price of the artificial aid /assistive Devices.


Lounching Grant

  • To provide financial assistance to the target group who are keen and have the potential to be enterprising or to be involved in small businesses.
  • To encourage financial assistance recipients to be independent and improve their quality of life, and not to be dependent of the government's assistance.
  • Recipients (or family members) who receive monthly assistance;
  • Persons with Disabilities who are currently receiving services from the department;
  • Former trainees of welfare institutions;
  • Cases under supervision or on probation.

RM2,700 (one-0ff)

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