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Application Procedure Children Preserve


Children : A person who is under 18 years old according to Section 2 of the Children Act 2001

Foster Parent :

  1. Or any person who has offered his partner foster by the General Director of Social Welfare under Section 30 (1) (e) of the Child Act 2001.
  2. Any person or couple who have been authorized by the Protector to preserve, protect and control the child accordance with Section 35 or 37 of the Child Act 2001.

Preserve children : Children who have been ordered by the Court For Children for care, custody and control of the adopt parents accordance with Section 30 (1) (e) of the Child Act 2001.


Foster Parent
  1. Provide an opportunity for married couples who do not have children feel the environment of family life according to the proper channels; and
  2. Can catch and pouring of love to children.
Preserve children
  1. Giving children the opportunity to enjoy family life and get love affection;
  2. Boost for the growth of the physical, mental, social, emotional and psychological; and
  3. Better and perfect holistic education.


  1. Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia.
  2. 25 to 60 years olds.
  3. Valid marriage (5 years and above).
  4. For marriages of less than 5 years and have reproductive health complications or health problem that complicate pregnancy process or late marriage can also be considered.
  5. Slightly chance of having a baby due to age.
  6. Single applicants will be considered and the age difference between the applicant and the child must be over 21 years old. Single male applicants allowed to boys only.
  7. Have sufficient income to support the family.
  8. Shall healthy mentally and physically.
  9. Free from criminal records.
  10. Living conditions are suitable and safe
  11. Professing the same religion with children.


  1. Passport size photo (husband / wife).
  2. A confirmation letter from Medical Officer about health status of the applicant (husband / wife).
  3. Copy of identification card (husband / wife).
  4. Copy of marriage certificate / marriage registration certificate.
  5. Salary slips or income verification (husband / wife).
  6. Other supporting documents, eg Physician Reports, testimonials and so on.


  1. Passport size photo (husband / wife).
  2. Prepare the required documents.
  3. Applications can be made ​​online or in person at the office of the District Social Welfare / Territory (PKMD / J) in place of the applicant resides.
  4. Preserve Child Application Form can also be downloaded from the website. click here to download the form

Completed applications will be processed and interviews will be conducted by PKMD / J.

  1. Evaluate the social background of the applicant.
  2. Evaluate the applicant's willingness to be foster family.
  3. Explaining the implications of becoming an adopt family.
  4. Willingness of applicants to eligible according to the Children Act 2001, the Registration of Adoption Act 1952 and the Adoption Act 1952, the Adoption Ordinance (Sarawak Cap 91) (Ammendment 2002) and The Adoption (Central Registry) Regulations 1960 and the Adoption Ordinance 1960 (Sabah No. 23 of 1960) where appropriate.


  1. Evaluate the social background of the applicant.
  2. All applicants will be notified by mail about the status of their application.
  3. Applications considered will be registered to the waiting list for a period of one year (1 year) from the date of issue.
  4. foster children will be offered to applicants who have been placed on a waiting list by the General Director of Social Welfare after Preserve Child Placements Panel sitting.
Any questions, please contact:
Bahagian Kanak-Kanak
Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat
Phone: 03-83231000
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