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Caring Service Unit

In determining the well-being of the community through a variety of services available, JKM give priority to improvement of service delivery systems. One of the mechanisms to achieve this is through expansion and enhancement of existing service delivery machinery to the community especially the target group up to the grassroots level, regardless of where they are.

UKP Program is a program of social outreach or social outreach to the community, especially closer JKM marginalized communities, destitute, poor and who could not find help. Through outreach approach used, managing service delivery is no longer just concentrated in the office instead of the officers and staff involved will out flank and identify target groups to deliver the required services.


UKP concept of the mobile service for assistance and referral services operate centrally to help individuals, communities and other people in need in the local area through the services and programs provided by Welfare Department, other agencies and Voluntary Welfare.

Unit Khidmat Penyayang functions:

  • • Disaster Operations Unit
  • • Department Service Center
  • • Payment Management Centre and the provision of assistance through the Immediate Relief Instant Relief Fund (TBS)
  • • Advisory Services and Counseling Center
  • • Related Advocacy Programme Implementation and Service Acts and Exhibitions
  • • Center for Persons with Disabilities Registration (OKU)
  • • A reference center that involve other agencies under the ministry (Customer Day) and other agencies

Started in 2006, a total of 16 UKP's vehicles were distributed to all states. In 2007, the number of UKP's vehicles increased to 61. It consists of 32 Toyota Hiace types of vans and 29 Nissan mini buses (coaster). Distribution by state is as follows:

State  Vehicle Type
Mini bus (coaster) Van
Perlis 1 0
Pulau Pinang 2 2
Kedah 2 3
Perak 2 2
Selangor 3 3
Negeri Sembilan 2 2
Melaka 1 2
Johor 3 2
Pahang 3 3
Kelantan 3 3
Terengganu 3 2
Sabah 1 2
Sarawak 1 2
WP Kuala Lumpur 2 3
WP Labuan 0 1
Total 29 32
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